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Meet The Refuge Coffee

Locally Roasted 

You can purchase some of our locally roasted beans as well 

Coffee & Sweet Treat 

You want a sweet treat with your coffee? Don't worry we have you covered! 

Ideal in

• Cheese board

• Bruschetta

Iced Coffee

We can make any iced Latte for you with a wide range of flavors and specialty drinks from mocha's to frappe's, and even smoothie's. 

Ideal in

• Panini

• Soup


The Refuge is a unique place in that we don't just offer great coffee and drinks but we also have some powerful testimonies and stories from our incredible baristas that will make your experience something to remember. 

Ideal in

• Macaroni & Cheese

• Sandwich

Latte Art 

We have trained baristas always learning and working on making new fun designs to give you a coffee that isn't just nice to drink but also fun to look at and show off. 

Ideal in

• Salad

• Dessert

Variety of Blends 

We have a variety of different blends and great flavors to choose from so that you can always drink coffee the way you enjoy it and want it made every day!

Ideal in

• Salad

• Pastry


We have hot brewed coffee every morning to get your morning started on the right track as well as a variety of options for you to choose from. 

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